Transcending the ego and letting go (part one)





The egoThe ego is basically an intricate mess of emotional attachments. Attachments in such things as sense of loss, relationships, careers, values, opinions, and objects are responsible for all of our suffering. When these attachments are threatened, the result is always some sort of emotional pain, ranging from being mildly upset to complete devastation.

Have you ever thought about our purpose here on earth? Our purpose is not to have lifetime after lifetime acting out the dramas of our mistaken identities. While we cling onto our unquestioned beliefs, the meaning what we call life will remain a mystery. We will think there is no God or whatever we call this universal infinite presence, but we are part of it, and it never ever leaves us. Sometimes we feel as though it is not there, but that is only because “we” have chosen to “separate” from it, and remain unaware of its presence in us.


Being an ego with uninvestigated fears and attachments, we are too busy managing our daily control issues to question the meaning of life and the question of our very identity.

What do you think could bring permanent happiness that will not be susceptible to loss, pain, destruction or change? money? possessions? relationships / romance? children / family / friends? a home? career / status? a cause? our beliefs / opinions? our values? recognition / approval? praise / fame? honor?
All of these can cause us pain and suffering but we frantically pursue them in our quest for lasting happiness. A universal fact of life is that whatever brings us happiness sooner or later causes us pain. What is the feeling of emptiness that we feel even after achieving a goal? What is the deep feeling inside of us of incompleteness, trying to tell us?


We keep so distracted to the demands of life that we miss the opportunity to tune in our deep unhappiness and listen to its call. Unfortunately until we are faced with extreme pain, suffering or life crisis, we question life and its meaning. We came to this earth to know ourselves, how our mind operates, to know the infinite intelligence that resides in our physical body, to connect with our inner source (spirit) to be co-creators, to be whole, integrated infinite beings.

We want freedom from chaos, fear, insecurities and confusion. We want liberation from scarcity and limitations. The fact is that we cannot know real safety, real peace, real love, or real joy until we acknowledge and willingly do the journey to wholeness. We won’t be free from chaos until we will be able to fully connect with love itself, until we can identify that the one and only cause, is the separation from our source and in return is the real cause to our pain and suffering. Now we are at a point of a big change in our evolutionary development where we are called to awaken the truth within, a time of awareness. We need to question who we really are. To be able to do that requires us to examine our ego self, our conditioning, beliefs and values. We need to step out of old fragmented ways of being and become our true selves.



We have gone too far living our ego-centered lives. We are destroying our planet as well as our quality of life. The true self – our true nature is calling us now to wake up and take responsibility for us to become healthy and whole humans beings.

We need to transcend our ego-self. We can’t afford to live in ignorance any longer. Our ego-self can no longer sustain us and our planet. We need to remove our blocks, to unlearn and let go of any conditioning, beliefs or values that have, until now distorted our perception and obstructed love’s presence in our mind.


happinessIt is a complete misperception to accept as truth, these two beliefs:

1) Happiness depends on external conditions
2) We are not totally responsible for ourselves and the life we create.

Both of these ideas lead us to believe that we are helpless victims, that is at the mercy of others as well as random chaos. These beliefs need to be reevaluated and transformed.







Thought is an energy that is used by the will of the ego-self. Negative and positive thought exists in our perception only. There are not neutral thoughts, why? A course in Miracles puts it this way: “Neutral thoughts are impossible because all thoughts have power” Every thought has a consequence, and every thought is the cause of an effect. Nothing happens without there first being a thought to cause it. It is very important to be aware of your thinking. Thoughts create beliefs, which are then projected outward, and the outside manifestation of that belief is mirrored back to the mind that projected it, reinforcing the original belief.

A belief is created through projection and can’t be trusted as reality. After all, our beliefs are only projections that we have accepted as real.


What we think becomes what we perceive, and what we perceive becomes what we believe. As we learn from A course in Miracles “projection makes perception”


PerceptionIf thought creates reality. Then we ourselves must take personal responsibility for the reality we unconsciously create. All the people, events, circumstances that affect our lives are in some way created by us (usually unconsciously) or by the mass conscious or unconscious beliefs of the world population. Our thoughts alone cause us the pain. Nothing external to our mind can hurt us.
The truth is that if we tend to experience a hostile world, it is because we harbor that hostility within us. Whatever we perceive in others, we strengthen in ourselves. On the positive side, if we tend to see beauty in the people we encounter, we are seeing a reflection of ourselves.



We create our own reality as The law of Attraction specifies and increase that reality by sharing it. A mass consciousness belief becomes stronger because is a shared projection among minds. That is why it is so pivotal to become more aware of our unquestioned beliefs and openly challenge them.


Quantum physics has discovered the phenomenon of what it calls the “observer effect”. The observer effect supports the theory that we create our own reality. The theory of the observer effect states that there is no reality unless an observer observes it. Furthermore, everything we observe is literally affected by our perception of it. As Dr. Wayne said, if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


universeIn the quantum mechanics world in which we live, we as observers fundamentally affect the universe whenever we observe it or anything in it… Thus the world is really not as it seems. It certainly seems to be “out there” independent of us, independent of the choices we might make. Yet quantum physics destroys that idea. What is “out there” depends on what we choose to look for.

We and the rest of the world have chosen “ objectivism” which means that all reality emerges externally from and independently of the mind. The truth is, that we have created and continue to materialize our reality individually and collectively through our thoughts and beliefs. No reality exists externally from, or independently of, the mind. Therefore, we do reality; reality does not do us. The world can and will be transformed through the healing of our belief system.

Every response to anger or threat, and every thought or feeling of fear, loneliness, or depression belong to the ego-self of separation: unconscious guilt of separation from the source. It skillfully disguises all the people and circumstances (which we respond and justify our grievances) as all coming from outside us and wants us to believe we are victims of random chaos.. when we respond to anything that appears to happen, we are giving power to the ego-self’s will.

It is not the infinite intelligence or source that creates suffering, pain and chaos. How can infinite love be, or cause anything other than peace and joy. Our purpose is to remember and reclaim our own power and connection to the universal inspiration. When we align with this infinite intelligence we unlearn our misperceptions. Once we remove the thoughts of fear, we can see clearly that everything that happens in our life is meaningful and not random.


All events past, present and future are gently planned to the purpose of our own good and healing.