The Craziness Of Tension

Let’s go and contemplate tension.

Tension places an enormous strain on the body and central nervous system, eventually causing the breakdown of all interrelated systems in the structure of your body.

Mostly tension is caused by worry, originating from thoughts, images, and emotions of a negative nature over actual or potential problems and threats.

Tension is a human creation. It is an illusion fostered by lifetimes of cluttered thinking and doing, and by not feeling. Worries create tension. It is created in your mind. It is an anticipation and belief that something bad might happen to your being.


tensionTension distracts light impulses moving from source to soul. It is primarily created through non-alignment to the inner self, and to that part that is connected to the omnipresent love of God.

The non-alignment expands as one pursues life in a linear and dogmatic manner. It is difficult for the life force to move freely through a body filled with tension.

Tension acts as an inhibition to the life flow of divine energy which, when allowed, can bring splendid health, and an abundance of vigour in the physicality that is you.



tiger-3You need to be easy with all life, including your own. You need to trust life and the creator or infinite intelligence that everything happens for the best of you, even if you don’t understand it at that moment, everything has a purpose for your well being, development and growth of your soul.

When you are tense, it creates tension on your muscles, back, shoulders, neck, and head, although it primarily goes into your stomach (solar plexus).


I would like to show you an exercise to connect with the area of your stomach
(the emotional centre of your body)

First find a place where you will be undisturbed, and sit or lay down as you would prefer.

Breathe deeply 3 times to relax your body and connect to your solar plexus. As you do this imagine that there is a blue clear river flowing through you, at first observe it, take your time, be with your river, see the flow of the water. As you are observing see the debris that is coming, analyse the debris, where is it coming from, who and what is being responsible for this? after you do that, become loose in your stomach, let it all go, be in the flow.

The river of life is connected to the divinity in you. See the life force in your solar plexus, feel the infinite intelligence, the seat of your soul which is healthy and vibrant who is at ease with all life.

See all the toxins, germs, viruses, emotional attachments and fears leaving your body.

Visualize an intense bright light illuminating your whole body, and healing every cell of your body. As your solar plexus gets healed a connection with your heart takes place. It will open a connection with Heart Healing. Every time that you get tense, connect with your stomach, visualize the light, let go of the tension, be easy, go with the flow of life and TRUST. Let the healing take place.














If you observe children, you will notice that they are free of tension.

Their bodies are soft and flexible. Observe how they are in state of awe of each moment that passes before them. They are enraptured by life. They allow the flow of the life force. They allow the flow of divinity to flow from within to without, like a stream of love without judgement as they move into the next new moment.

Let the children to guide you to a world without tension, they quite happily do it for you.

You need to listen to children, they know and you might to join them in playfulness and joy.

Children and animals are the best teachers to heal ourselves, they just go with the flow of life.

Become like a child, playful, joyous; simplify everything, look squarely at who you are. Be honest; honour yourself with love, courage. It requires courage to be who you are, but once started, it becomes easier. Do anything to become the little girl or boy. This is a journey and how you enter into your sovereign kingdom, childlike, because it is the humble and innocent who shall inherit the earth.

The divine between you, responds instantly to thoughts that are peaceful. By allowing the unlimited pure thoughts of divinity to flow through and up into your consciousness, you allow the child within to become peaceful, relaxed and in tune with your own divinity.




pastnowfutureTension comes from not being present in the now.

Follow the passion, not the tension.

Practise being fully present. In the present there is not the past, and not the future. It is just what it is. You live fluid in the present moment, enjoying everything you do with aliveness. If negatives thoughts come, they just belong to the past, let them go.

Be in the now; this alleviates the need to think.

Your alter ego or conscious linear mind will not be able to engage you in discourse.

Become non-serious; be easy with life; learn to laugh at life and yourself. You will have more courage and strength.

Stop constrictive and destructive habits. Move your body, go for walks into nature, practise yoga. Yoga is good for your body + soul and will bring relaxation and tone to your body.

When you feel tension or worries arising just breath deeply and let it go. Breathing will take you into the now. Try to slow down your breathing to around 10-12 breaths per minute. This will help alleviate the tension.

“Course in Miracles” says our function is to be happy. A wise master says – nothing is worth being unhappy for. Follow your joy into every sunset, your sunrise will be freedom.