I first encountered Tita at an Alternative Therapies Event in Norfolk in 2000. My daughter had a reading from her and then she encouraged me to have a reading from Tita too. It was the start of a new form of life education that continues to this day.

What I value in particular is Tita’s ability to be clairvoyant and at the same time to be very grounded in her advice, so that she can counsel me in a very matter of fact manner. Tita also has a way of giving this counsel in a form that one can accept, even when she is pointing out a behaviour or a pattern that I need to change.

In the beginning, I did the visualization exercises that she gave me during the readings, but nowadays I do not do them because I feel that her counsel and clairvoyance are more than sufficient. Even during prolonged periods of intense stress, her advice has given me tremendous support, not least because she can give an overview of the whole situation.

Tita never condemns any person and this balanced view is of great benefit in its own right. Her approach is always the compassionate one and her counsel the wisest path to take, however, she never imposes her advice on me, leaving me to make the choices that are best for myself. She has helped me to navigate through some complex situations with great success in the eventual outcome both in terms of personally reclaiming my space as well as protecting my business interests.

And lastly, her integrity is absolute.

S. Fraser. Portugal

Ever since I was 19 I’ve been having one or two readings a year with Tita. I’m now 44 so have had more than a few!

I have always found her insight so accurate and amazing, she is truly gifted and I’m so delighted to have found her.

Sometimes life isn’t always rosy as everyone knows, but she approaches the reading in such a way you feel you have a solution to the problem or even just a heads up as to how to manage it when it does. I have always left with a sense of clarity and peace.

I’ve also had healing and regression with her over the years, both have been amazing. She is completely 5 star all round and I recommend her very highly.

Gail Colby, Norfolk, UK

I have received readings from Tita Martell for over three years now, and she is PHENOMENAL! I found Tita during a time I really needed some guidance regarding my relationship, finances and career. I’ve had readings before but Tita interprets messages from Spirit Guides quickly and clearly. I only provide Tita with a couple of sentences stating what is going on. Each time, she has blown me away with things that only I could have knowledge of that I haven’t shared with her.

It’s not so much about the insights she gave me or how she helped me understand what was going on. It was more about her and my guides shining light on those few next steps on my path and helping me see the road ahead. Before my first reading I was emotionally confused, just making ends meet financially and complacent in my job but wanted to find another position. Tita helped me get centered and gave me tools to take me in the right direction. It’s also the spirit behind the words which carry information. I got what I wanted/needed in the quiet aftermath of the reading & understand something after each reading on a deeper level. I’m very grateful to Tita for giving me what I needed when I needed it. It is also extremely helpful that she uses Skype and that the readings can be recorded so that I can review the things she said for clarity or as things come to fruition.

Tita’s insights are truly astounding! She exudes kindness and compassion, and does not mask the truth. She has a keen ability to see inside a person’s heart, revealing many possible outcomes. She is spot on accurate, and I highly recommend her to anyone searching for a true “seer”. I am a believer of her gifts and will continue to be a repeat customer!!!

Janet, Los Angeles, CA

So time has flown by and I began to review my past, which isn’t something l like to do!

For me it’s about the future goals and health that matters.

It’s been almost 10 years that has past by and I can honestly say when Tita Martell told me things, it seems so far from what I would even consider from the truth!!!

Ten years ago my life was filled with a void. After visiting Tita Martell it gave me guidance to set a benchmark to head for…

I no longer live in the UK as predicted all those years ago, but now often visit back to find her again giving me the guidance of my next goals in this Life.

I understand we make our own luck, but if you have no directions, how lucky can we be…

Thank you Tita Martell – My guide – My friend x

Mikey, Dubai

Tita has consistently, for the last six years, been a compassionate and wise guide for me through turbulent times. Tita has never given me any answers on a plate, always the reflection is the key and her skill in mirroring back to me the opportunities or possibilities inherent in the situation is born of great presence.

With her abilities she guides and channels but still, the ultimate choice is always mine. As the smaller picture of what is happening is looked at, it is merged into the bigger planetary picture with her deep knowledge of the times and my own personal situation within this bigger context.

Some times our sessions are so packed, there is so much information, that towards the end when it feels a bit more relaxed her humour catches me by surprise and is great fun! I have sincere respect for tita and honour the wisdom that she can deliver.

Victoria, Devon, UK

I was recommended to Tita by Sharon Hutton – co author of Discover Atlantis with Diana Cooper.

For me it was a divine coincidence that Sharon could not do my reading and recommended me to Tita. Little did I realise that the person I was going to meet was going to change my whole life and the way I think. Tita has spiritually groomed me with her advanced skills and knowledge in spiritual science to deal with life’s challenges.

I regularly have my tarot readings that help show me the way. And if things are negative then Tita helps guide me to deal with it so that it has a positive outcome. Till date Tita’s readings are spot on. Everything she predicts happens at some point of time. She is very perceptive and can read one’s mind and heart. I found that after every reading it was very helpful to have a healing session.

This helps to clear any negativity, heals areas that requires healing and raises my vibration to deal with whatever is to come. The healing is just beautiful and relaxing. Tita has become a mentor and a spiritual guide in my life. It is a lovely journey going to Norwich to visit Tita regularly. It is a happy feeling on the way home. I always look forward to my next visit.

Sonitra Singh – London, UK

I first found Tita Martell from a business Tv programme. Since that day in 2008 I have used Tita as a trusted clairvoyant advisor in all areas in my business and personal life.

I have spoken to her regularly, at least twice a month, sometimes more in urgent periods. Whenever I have a troubling situation I always speak to Tita to find out what is really going on she has never let me down in 7 years. She has proven to be such a reliable source of information as a clairvoyant that I do not make any decisions without consulting her.

One of her most incredible and invaluable skills is being able to use her clairvoyance to help with information about people or situations. This has ranged from letting me know my father had Alzheimer’s one year before any signs or diagnosis, through to information that led me to make the best possible lucrative business decisions; Through to avoiding the wrong men.

If it wasn’t for Tita I would have lost money In business deals and would not have had insight into a court case, her knowledge greatly reducing the stress.

As I have had so many years speaking to Tita it is very easy for me to look back and see how she has been the best guide I could have asked for because of her accuracy. One of the most memorable times recently was she said my boyfriends sister was pregnant two months before she even announced it.

She also told me my boyfriends father was terminally ill when he was young, fit and healthy so that time was very hard to believe. It only came to light many months later.

I have spoken to a few physics in the past and never found them genuine, airy fairy and just generic talk that could fit to anyone. With Tita she talks in a practical and understanding way and gets specific answers and does not waste a minute of your session. I cant recommend her highly enough.

Debbie Winder, South Kensington, London, UK

I moved to East Anglia from London 18 years ago. Since then, we as a family have had to overcome several challenges to do with personal health; personal relationships; career & money; and problems in our local neighbourhoods.

Since March 2000, I have received 22 readings and 4 healing sessions from Mrs Martell. Two of the healing sessions were to do with the healing of the heart. These readings and sessions have provided excellent guidance and been of incalculable benefit to me. Most importantly they revealed:

The range of possible futures that I (and my family) would have depending on the choices made now; and,

How I personally could jettison a certain negativity which I carried with me from a previous life. Once I was freed, the change was incredible.

Additionally, I will never cease to marvel at how Miss Martell can look at the photograph of a person or a house, and know immediately whether they or it are good for me or not, and why. Fascinating.

I can honestly say that Miss Martell stands head and shoulders above all of the clairvoyants I had previously visited, mostly in London. It isn’t just the accuracy of her readings, it is the depth of her psychic knowledge and her heart felt care for the health of the soul and its growth and development.

If you’re thinking of contacting Miss Martell then do it. I did and I don’t regret it.

John, Norfolk, UK

I first visited Tita in the mid 90’s after she came highly recommended by a friend.

I have been visiting her ever since. I have kept the recordings over the years and Tita’s very accurate! I also had past life regression recently which was both very healing and comforting.

A deeply spiritual lady. I highly recommended a visit! X

Sonia Hull, Norfolk, UK