About Tita

Tita became a qualified healer 18 years ago with the Norfolk Association of Healers in Norwich, England. She studied and practiced intuitive cellular healing in Peru guided by her auntie who was a famous healer and shaman. She was allowed to participate, learn, and practice with the school of healers from a very early age in which she witnessed incredible healing done to people with different ailments. She states that inside our cells are stored old memories that can cause digenerative disease patterns within the cells. When a diseased cell dies it passes its memory onto the next cell being born, and so it continues. It is possible to interrupt the programming and once the programming becomes interrupted the possibility for the healing exists. In order to do this you need to access the cell memories that have created the programming in the first place. She will get in touch with the infinite intelligence and body wisdom that already exists in every individual.

How Tita can help you

As a psychic healer Tita would be able to see and feel where the unbalance had occurred and where it had manifested as an illness being psychical, emotional, or mental in nature. First, she will look at your body and see your inner energy field, emotions, and thoughts that have associated with your body and your programming which, in turn, create an unbalance in your body and mind. Secondly, when the healing starts she will scan your body with her hands which will guide her to the core of the energy to be healed. She will feel the beat of that energy in chaos beating in many different ways and she will restore it to a place of stillness for healing to take place. Tita does not use her energy but pulls it from the infinite.

Tita would be able to see and feel where the unbalances have occurred, plus where they have been manifesting as an illness of psychical emotion and all mental nature. First, she will look at your body and see through your inner energy field, followed by which parts of your body have become unbalanced due to negative emotions, thought patterns, and beliefs. She uses her hands to find and scan these subtle energies in the body in which it will appear like a shooting beat going into different directions, much like a spinning world. Using the energy coming from her hands she brings the beat into stillness for healing to take place. The energy field of the body knows how to attract the energy like a magnet. The energy field of the body knows how to direct the hands to the right part of the body, which needs healing. The head, when it is saturated with thoughts causes stress. Tita clears the mind for clear thinking, for new ideas to come in a more positive and creative way.


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Depression / Anxiety

As a medical intuitive Tita would be able to see the energetic and frequency information in the human body. Tita can identify the location of inflammation in the body, evaluate the health of glands or organs and the emotional issue that is impacting health. Using her intuitive insights she can identify imbalances within the body long before it fully manifests as a disease.

She can provide in depth analysis into one’s health by identifying potential physical conditions before they reach a dysfunctional state. For Healing to occur, balance must be achieved within the physical body, the mind and the emotions. Unresolved issues from the past can distort the flow of life force energy, of which needs to be released.

As a medical intuitive she will scan your body, very similar to looking at a three dimensional x-ray. Tita can see into a higher frequency using her clairvoyance skills to detect physical problems and disturbances in your energy field, also your thought patterns and deep rooted traumas / unresolved emotions that had caused the disease to appear.

Information will be given about the root cause and trace the location of the imbalance, which could be in your bones, muscles, organs, chakras, aura, or even past life traumas that can cause some psychosomatic illnesses. After the scanning and evaluation Tita might recommend some specific diets, vitamins, detoxification,  different types of exercise, yoga, body energy work, or emotional healing release for you body to come back to well being again.

Several Sessions of Healing is recommended as it is a gentle process

Spiritual healing is great for psychical, emotion, and mental health. You do not have to be ill to have healing. Sometimes when you’re experiencing a lot of stress for different circumstances your body gets out of balance and that is when healing could help to restore your inner balance. Healing is a beautiful experience of self love that will bring you into your innate state of well being. Tita does not use her energy to heal, she channels divine infinite energy and her spiritual teachers of higher source vibration. 

First session includes scanning of body, taking notes of imbalances and illnesses, plus healing.

The first session is £60.00 - It can take up to 45 minutes. Any sessions there after will be £ 45.00.

Note: Advice will be given when medical treatment or other holistic practitioners are needed.

After assessment several healings are recommended depending of the conditions.