About Tita

Tita became a qualified healer 18 years ago with the Norfolk Association of Healers in Norwich, England. She studied and practiced intuitive cellular healing in Peru guided by her auntie who was a famous healer and shaman. She was allowed to participate, learn, and practice with the school of healers from a very early age in which she witnessed incredible healing done to people with different ailments.

How Tita can help you

As a psychic healer, Tita would be able to see and feel where the imbalance has occurred which in return might manifest as an illness, being physical, emotional, or mental in nature.

She will use her hands to scan your body, feeling the beat of that energy, sometimes it comes as a strong pulse in any part of your body. She will place her hands into a place of stillness until the pulse or vibration stops for healing to take place.

Your body energy field knows how to attract her hands like a magnet into the right place.

Tita would be able to scan your head which is also quite important, because when it is saturated with too many thoughts it causes stress and blocks the mind for clear thinking and positive thoughts. Consequently, new ideas will appear in a more creative way.


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Fear / Money


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Sadness / Grief


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Issues with Self Esteem


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Worries about Money


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Depression / Anxiety


Spiritual healing is great for physical, emotional and mental health.

You don’t have to be ill to have healing, sometimes when you are experiencing lots of stress created by circumstances in your life, your body and mind get out of balance.

Spiritual healing is a beautiful experience of self love.

Tita does not uses her energy to heal, she is only the conductor of a higher source or vibration.

Several Sessions of Healing is recommended as it is a gentle process

She will take notes of your history, illnesses, operations, medications and emotional state.
She will proceed to scan your body and finish with a healing session.

The first session will be £60.00 / any following session(s) are £55.00 which could last up to halve an hour each.

Advice will be given when medical treatment is needed or other holistic therapies.

Note. Spiritual Healing will be done only face to face in person.