Past Lives


The history of incarnation and how the dark ages began.


Every culture in the world had believed in reincarnation – with one big exception. In the western world, belief in past lives was a forbidden treasure. As part of this control, the church hid some key facts from the public, but in our modern age of literacy and freedom of information we can now dig up that buried knowledge.

The Essenes, the Pharisees, the Nazarenes and the Egyptians all actively taught about reincarnation. In later centuries the early Christian Gnostics saw themselves as the direct continuation of the real teachings of Jesus and reincarnation was central to Gnosticism.

One person that was responsible to shut down this belief was the Emperor Justinian.

Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire. With time it turned into an instrument of state control. Heresy was upgraded from being a belief that did not comply with established doctrines and was a serious crime punishable with death.

The belief in reincarnation made it difficult for the new state controlled church to establish real authority. Knowing how rebirth works, people could take responsibility for their own salvation. They didn’t need a priest to intervene for them. In their freedom they were a direct threat to the emperor’s power base of orthodox christianity.

So the Emperor Justinian closed the university of Athens, a major stronghold of reincarnation studies. The scholars fled for their lives. Many of them found refuge in Sufi centres further east. Then in 553. Justinian made reincarnation a heresy – anyone who said they believed in it would be executed.

Pope Virgilius and most of the bishops were strongly against banning the belief of reincarnation. But the emperor pushed it through. The Pope was arrested and put into prison. The emperor freed him only after he’d reluctantly signed his name to the anti-reincarnation orders. These events were the start of the true dark ages. The centuries that followed were stained by the blood and charred by the fires of the holy inquisition, belief in rebirth had to go underground to survive.

For nearly 400 years after that, knowledge of reincarnation lived on only in the secret worlds of mystics and occultists such as cabalists, alchemists and the rosicrucians.

All was remained quiet until the late 19th century.  One of the most influential was the theosophical society, set up by Madame Blavatsky in New York in 1875. Theosophy brought eastern thought to the west, including the concept of incarnation.



In 1956 Morey Bernstein published The Search for Bridey Murphy. This book burst reincarnation belief into the world. It was about a woman who has been regressed to a past life in Ireland in the 18th century. She recalled that life in great and specific detail. Certain members of the church and traditional psychologists wanted to invalidate the book, but when reporters went to Ireland to investigate they found all the details from the regression were historically accurate.

By 1950s, conventional psychology was happy to use regression, to go back to an incident in their client’s childhood, but to the discomfort of the psychotherapist, they would often go back to past lives to identify the origin of their issues.

In those days, if professional people took past lives seriously, they will lose their credibility, their reputation and probably their job as well. But in the second half of the century, some brave pioneers began the trend. They were the psychiatrists and psychologists who decided that their patients problems might have begun in a past life.

Highly qualified people such as professor Ian Stevenson embarked on thorough investigations into the whole subject. The evidence that these pioneers have produced is solid enough to prove both the reality of past lives and the validity of past-life regression.




Past-life therapy is now expanding to include future lives, and memories of the between-life worlds. Also during a regression we can get in direct touch with our higher guidance.



Most people come for a regression about a current problem they feel might have originated in a former lifetime, to seek a positive past life memory that will be helpful or inspiring, to follow up clues they already have about their past lives or simple curiosity to see what past lives they might have had. Regression is so effective because it can track the past-life cause of many things that are happening in our daily lives today.





In my experience I had regressed many hundreds of people and only I found only 2 that had a very strong blockage. One had a very strong issue of victimization and her whole body was crippled with arthritis and the next client had an immense terror of finding out. I had to stop the session until they were ready.

There could be 3 main reasons that the person may have a blockage:

– It may not be the right timing. A regression is an important part of the spiritual journey and timing is a key.

– Unconscious fear of what may come up.

– Distrust of the whole process. This can come from fear of the powers of the unconscious or believing that only the rational mind can be trusted. I found it very useful when the person is in their mind or tries to rationalize. I will take them into their feeling of the body and their emotions, they can’t be in both at the same time. They either are in their thinking or in the feeling.





Hypnotherapist Dr Morris Netherton said some patients start by feeling that they are “making up” parts of what they tell me. They soon discover that they cannot change the content of their past-life incidents and must reveal the most personal and painful aspects of the stories they had thought were imaginary. This is what most quickly convinces the sceptic.

Another validation comes from the strong emotions that often arise during a regression. This creates involuntary physical effects, such a redness of the face, anger, tears, etc

As psychologists and hypnotherapist Dr Edith Fiore said – Are they putting on an act? If so, most should be nominated for academy awards. After thousands of hours observing regressions, I am convinced there is no deliberate nor conscious  attempt to deceive.

Of which in my own experiences of regressing people, many times I completely agree.

Many of our current life issues come from past life experiences. Understanding how they began is one of the best ways to free ourselves from a whole range of issues.

Discovering past lives through regression not only releases us from our past, it can also heal the present and create a better future for us.





Past livesKnowing that we had past lives immediately expands our sense of who we really are. The characters that we become in our different lives are like outfits of clothing. At the end of every life we discard them, and take on another when we begin a new life. As we continue along our soul journey, we inhabit many different personalities. But our real identity is the inner spirit that travels from life to life. Seeing ourselves in this new light transforms our entire outlook on life. We lose the fears, the anxieties and illusions that go with identifying too closely with the ego self.

The earth plane is a training school, in which we return lifetime after lifetime, each of us bearing our own spiritual inclinations, wisdom and experiences gathered from previous lives.

We go back to the spiritual world between every life to rest, recover and enjoy life at home again. When we are ready to return to the school of earthly lives, wise guides will help us to decide what sort of live to take on next.  They also will help us to clarify the purpose of our next incarnation, as when we return we carry that knowledge deep in our hearts, even if we are fully conscious of it, our inner knowing will guide us through our lives.




– To mature, evolve and expand along our spiritual path.

– To heal relationships.

– To strengthen ourselves in weak areas.

– To forgive ourselves and others.

– To complete or continue what we began in an earlier life.

– To prepare for long term aims that may still be far in the future.

Past life awareness shows us the inner meaning of our experiences. This helps us to transform and transcend their effects. When we understand the lesson of an event we stop seeing ourselves as victims of life.  Past life knowledge also benefits many important areas of our lives, such as health, relationships, prosperity, fears, phobias and self worth.





The mind affects the body all the time. There is a psycho-spiritual dimension to every ailment. We can alleviate and even completely heal a wide range of physical problems by understanding the emotional reason behind them.




Researchers from Finland for the first time presented the evidence that emotions are associated with a series of physiological changes in our body, which in fact are the same in all people, regardless of race or culture. The study, published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences” presents the findings in form of diagrams as seen above.

Edgar Cayce, the great psychic healer, diagnosed many physical issues as having a past life cause. In one of his readings he told a deaf person not to shut his ears again to those that asked for help, that past-life deed was the cause of his deafness in this life.

Hypnotherapist Dr Michael Pollack had a lower back pain that grew steadily worse over the years. In his article “Have We Really Lived Before?” he said he had experienced at least 3 past lives in which he had been killed by a knife or spear on his back. Once he knew the cause of the pain his back problem disappeared.



Decide that you are not a victim and that you have the power to change your life.

Understand the past-life cause of a money problem.

Decide that you deserve abundance in your life.

Visualize how you would live with unlimited abundance.

Count your blessings from the biggest to the smallest.

Take a positive, higher view of your incarnation journey.

Imagine the many different ways that you could benefit others if you had greater abundance.





Our relationships are full of past-life connections.

Love and friendship are stronger than time. They can step over the centuries to find us. When we meet those people again, it feels like reuniting with an old friend from long ago.

Pacts have the power to transcend time. We made pacts before we were born to help us to heal ourselves or to teach us about love. Even if they cross our paths only briefly, those people can play a key role in our lives. Others may be with us because of unfinished past-life business that needs completion. To stop the issue dragging on lifetime after lifetime the best thing is to make peace in some way. This is possible even if the other person won’t change, If you make your own positive changes with peace in your heart, it will finally free you from a wary circumstance.

As you explore your past-lives you will discover your spiritual identity and the long term purpose of your soul’s journey.

who we areWe came here to find out who we are and everything is just an experience, don’t get attached to the experience and move on. Get to know your mind and body, how it works and connect with your spirit. Be joyful, have fun and think positives thoughts because your thoughts will create your reality.