How Past Life Regression is carried out

A client is encouraged to go back to re-live and resolve traumatic events or conflicts in a different past life, which, now, in this life, could distort their mental and emotional stability. Some people have regression out of curiosity to see who they were in a past life but most do it to grow and heal.

I will induce a light trance and you will experience each past life, see sense, and feel it. It is an amazing and full-sensory experience. You might experience it as a vivid movie or flashes of images which will start a narrative; it may be in a battlefield, dancing, having an accident, the loss of someone, seeing yourself very poor or very rich, a woman or a man, in a different century, witnessing a massacre, yourself suffering, causing mental / emotional pain to someone else, being an inventor, musician, having a different colour of skin or living in a different country. You will see when your body is leaving the psychical plain. The thought patterns in the moment you are dying are very significant because you could bring them into the next life. The psychical sensations and emotions are very real but will pass quickly as you move through the past life. 

How Healing works

Past life regression is a very effective healing process. We each have a soul which experiences many lives to grow and evolve from, and that soul will carry unconscious memories that possess energetic charges and continue to effect us like failures, mistakes, guilt, traumatic sudden death, as well as gratitude, wisdom, and love. These charges from the past are continually triggered in our present life, and these patterns are either positive or negative. They can effect relationships, behaviours, cause us to be very judgemental, increase negative behaviours, encourage a victim mentally, or support positive patterns of behaviour like being altruistic and self-confident. These positive traits will energise our life-purpose and making these memories conscious will release patterns that no longer serve us thus freeing us to live a happy life. Past life regression is a process of healing the soul and reminds us that the past contains experiences that we needed to have in order to grow and evolve but when we get stuck in the experiences this is where the problems start. It will bring you awareness that you are not just a psychical body but that you are connected to a greater universal energy.

Life Between Life

I will take you into the afterlife and you will leave your body. You will travel into the spiritual realm and feel the energy of the afterlife. You will see who you really are: a soul learning and evolving through different circumstances. You will start a dialogue with deceased souls that you met in a different life and will close unfinished business, forgive, or ask for forgiveness (you will meet your spiritual guide that will explain to you the reason that you had to experience that life and what the purpose of that experience was) // they will talk to you telepathically from their soul to your soul; these spiritual guides are of a very high vibration and you will feel and understand their immense wisdom when they communicate with you. Past life regression is an act of healing self-love and understanding) // In the afterlife, the client will confront the past-life characters involved in the frozen memories. The energy can be released when the person has understood the motives involved and the act of forgiveness is essential for this. The act of forgiving another person or to forgive yourself is enormously powerful for releasing memories and brings completeness and an end to unfinished business.