PalmistryPalmistry is the art of decoding the secrets that lie in our own hands, and may be as old as the human race itself. The shape of our hands, the mounts and ridges, nails, position of the digits, each element reveals something new about our personalities, left and right hands cover different aspects of our lives.

Tita is a very experienced palmist; she learned chiromancy in Peru. Through her palm or hand analysis, she could tell you your character and personality traits, to understand yourself, your strengths, your passions, your needs in life and the special contribution you can make to the world, as well as aptitudes and potential for success or failure in every part of your life. To enable her to give you an accurate definition, she will analyse the texture and shape or your hands, your fingerprints, lines, islands, grilles, forming squares, crosses - lines breaking up or becoming stronger and more distinct. Tita will tell you about relationships, career and money prospects, your compatibility with others, and the state of your health and to predict how things may change for you in the future.

Tita would like to point out; our hands are constantly changing, reflecting at any one time our state of health, state of mind, past events and the likely course of future ones. 

Lines can and do change from time to time.

Tita can do a private reading of your hand or a digital reading, you can scan your hands or use water based ink, be sure that your hand is clean and free of grease before inking. You can use an ink roller and rolling pin. 

a) Squeeze the ink into a glass plate and roll it thoroughly until any lumps in the ink has gone. 

b) Ink the roller sparingly and ink the hands and the inside of the wrist. Put a sheet of paper on the rolling pin, 

c) Place the wrist at the bottom of the paper and roll the inked hand back over the rolled pin towards you. 

d) While rolling, make sure that you keep an even pressure so that both the fingerprints and thumb are printed. 

e) Always lift the hand from the paper, never the other way round for the print may smudge. It will dry within a few minutes. 




The long palm with short fingers suggests a person who acts on impulse. The smaller the hand the more impulsive the nature.




hand-3Attention to detail

A long palm with long fingers shows a capacity for detail, but if the palm is short this capacity borders on obsession.





This long hand together with its ? thumb shows an attraction to the arts.





A square-shaped palm with evenly set fingers denotes a level-headed, practical personality.




Private hand readings

£50  (30 - 45 minutes)


Group private hand readings

£45  (20 - 30 minutes) (no less than 5 people)