What is a Medical Intuitive?

From the age of five Tita was able to see many visions, by just looking at a person she could see their emotional state, health, or what was going to happen. She will go to a person and touch any part of their body and she would say they have something there, pointing out to the back of the body, or the stomach, knees, heart, uterus, etc. as a child Tita didn’t know the names of the organs, she just placed her hands in one particular area. Tita could feel people’s energy since she was one year old. Her mother told her that she would stare at their eyes and will either smile or reject that person, which later she found out they were either nice / not nice people.



At the age of fifteen Tita found out she was a medical intuitive. Her dad suggested to take training in E.S.P. (extra sensory perception) it was called the mind silva program. She was trained and tested on the 3 faculties: clairvoyance, clairsense and clairaudience, of which she passed. The last test after the training was to find intuitively the location and illnesses of ten different people which Tita had never met before. The only information she was given, was the name, age and country. She closed her eyes, performed a scan, and very quickly she was able to point out the location and ailment or disease.

A medical intuitive has intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition through the use of insight rather than modern medicine. It i a holistic approach and takes account mental, emotional and social factors rather than just focussing on the symptoms of a disease.

How is it done / the process

As a medical intuitive Tita would be able to see the energetic and frequency information in the human body.  She can identify the location of inflammation in the body, evaluate the health of glands or organs and the emotional issue that is impacting health.

Using her intuitive insights, she can identify imbalances within the body long before it fully manifests as a disease.

Tita can provide an in depth look into one’s health by identifying potential physical conditions before they reach a dysfunctional state.

For Healing to occur, balance must be achieved within the physical body, the mind and the emotions. Unresolved issues from the past can distort the flow of life force energy and it will need to be released.

As a medical intuitive, a scan is done to your body, very similar to looking at a three dimensional x-ray. She can see into a higher frequency using her clairvoyance skills to detect physical problems and disturbances in your energy field, also your thought patterns and deep rooted traumas / unresolved emotions that had cause the disease to appear. 

Information will be given about the root cause, followed by tracing the imbalance the location, which could be in your bones, muscles, organs, chakras, aura, or even past life traumas that can cause some psychosomatic illnesses.

As a medical intuitive Tita does not diagnose but evaluates physical and emotional conditions.

After the scanning and evaluation, Tita will point out the areas of imbalance in the body, diseases that has already manifested or might manifest, accumulation of emotional energy and traumatic experiences that hasn’t yet been released or healed, which might cause for the disease to appear. As there is always a connection between emotions, mind and body.

After the evaluation, Tita will recommend different holistic therapies if they are needed, such as homeopathy, herbalism, acupressure, acupuncture, osteopath, or if an operation is needed she will recommended a visit to your doctor.  She will also advise to do yoga, exercise, meditation, changing ones life style, diet and vitamins. She will also recommend emotional healing therapy, spiritual healing and past life regression, which you can find more information about through browsing Tita's other services.

The power of your thoughts and feelings

The people that consult Tita as a medical intuitive are either ill, or just don’t feel right, and sometimes when they consult a doctor after blood tests or scans, the doctors cannot find nothing wrong.

Dr. Candace Pert, a neuroscientist and former chief of brain chemistry at the national institute of mental health, identified the chemicals in our body communicates what we are feeling emotionally to our cells. These molecules of emotion are amino acid chains called neuropeptides. They carry their messages as contentment, sadness to all our cells, including those of our bones, muscles and internal organs. Neuropeptides put our minds, thoughts, emotions and beliefs into every cell in our bodies. They are the link in the mind-body connection.

The overall energy of your body which includes your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes produces a vibration that can be read in your chakras and your energy field. The emotions attached to your thoughts vastly contribute to your overall vibration or chakra health.

Positive thoughts and feelings raise the frequency of your vibration: high self esteem, love, trust, generosity, caring, and happiness, but negative thoughts and feelings as anger, pessimism, hopelessness, sadness, revenge, lower the frequency how your energy vibrates.

One of the worse emotions is fear, because it weakens your immune system and it triggers a fight or flight response, sending an urge of adrenaline into your bloodstream. The adrenaline speeds up your heartbeat, increases your blood pressure and constricts your blood vessels. Therefore your immune system is always under constant pressure, it wears down and starts loosing the ability to respond in a healthy way.

Another thing that drains your energy is to have conflicting thoughts and feelings because you are having an internal war, supporting two opposing emotions is so exhausting. If you believe you are lovable, but if you are not sure if you deserve to be loved, it creates a conflict which will deplete your energy in your body. Never underestimate the power of your beliefs and emotions.

Positive thinking is not good enough unless you believe it.  Positive thinking comes from the mind unless you connect with your heart (knowing and feeling from within) it doesn’t work in the long run and would only be temporary. To have this connection from within is important to clear and release the minds negative thoughts and feelings created by conditioning beliefs, emotional upheavals and traumas which originated in most cases from childhood.

What to expect in a medical intuitive evaluation?

Tita would ask the person to lay down in a sofa or bed for her to have complete vision of your body, which will enable Tita to have a complete evaluation of your physical body, thoughts, chakras, emotions, beliefs and past life imprints.

The first thing Tita does as a medical intuitive is she will read your biggest emotional charges on your vibrational field. It is like having a conversation with the person’s energy, it comes loud and clear, and this voice comes as a highly emotional charge or thought saying ‘I am very confused, I am trapped, I want to break through but I don’t know how’ or feelings such as ‘I feel hopeless, I am sad, I don’t like my body, why is this body attacking me, I am stuck, I want to be free'.

Then Tita goes to the mind to read the thoughts that are causing unbalances in the body due to old negative thought patterns and to implement new healthy ways of thinking. A complete recalibration. 

Tita will continue to check every part of the body: heart, lungs, liver, stomach, kidneys, bladder, pancreas, the reproductive system, arms, legs, feet, bones, muscular and circulatory system. She will look for cysts, scars, tumours. The condition of every part of the body to see if such things already could be manifesting even if they are not symptoms.

Tita will look what emotions or traumas are attached to a particular symptom, and which need to be healed and released to bring balance in the body. She will check the energy on the 7 chakras to see if they are blocked or healthy, as theses energy centres are very important for well being.

When the assessment is done Tita will read to the person what she has found, and give advice on what they need to bring the body into alignment. I will recommend if it is necessary to visit their doctor, or different therapies, such as herbalism, homeopathy, vibration or sound therapy, chiropractic, shiatsu, acupuncture, emotional healing therapy, vitamins, exercise, yoga, meditation. If she fund emotional and traumas needed to be released from their system she will recommend to book a session(s) of emotional healing therapy which is a service Tita provides which in return could be very effective to heal the body.

This medical intuitive is done face to face or via Skype in your own comfort of your home.