Healing of the Heart is an integration of Mind, Heart, and Spirit.

This is a unique, simple, and yet very powerful healing where we connect with our inner flame, wisdom, and intuition. When the connection is done, the negative emotions of anger, resentment, judgement, powerlessness, low self esteem, depression, will leave our body to be transformed into the innate feelings of the heart as love, joy, trust, compassion, well-being and forgiveness, which will create peace and harmony. Through circumstances in life, subconsciously, we block our heart and we stop the flow of our sacred heart - where spirit or source resides - and we lose connection so that we operate from mind. But when integration of mind and heart occurs, it opens the flow of expansion, creativity, and well-being in our body, which brings harmony, self love and freedom into our being, to use our creativity to accomplish what our heart desires. When the mind (male energy) and heart (female energy) creatively become integrated, the spirit can flow freely to co-create and fulfil our inner desires. This healing is done in two sessions, each session lasting one and half hours.

First Session

1. Healing of the body

Connection with the psychical body, to get rid of unwanted energy, of an emotional or psychical nature, manifesting as pain and creating blockages to energy in the body.

2. Healing of the heart

Connection of the heart, with the centre of your being: with your feeling centre; to feel and get in touch with the natural pure energy of heart such as joy, love, harmony, peace, expansion, and freedom. This connection is done through the feeling centre and not mind centre. As an experienced psychic and healer, Tita will know when the connection is done and it can take longer to connect if some people have been operating more from the mind rather than from feeling, but Tita will guide and lead you towards the feeling centre of the heart.

Second Session

1. Integration of female and male energy.

First, Tita will pass the information given to her by channelling about how the separation of these two energies occurred from thousands of years ago, and how we became separate and the purpose of it. Tita will connect with your two energies - male and female - and their unique energy qualities, and will unite them together to oneness, and unity, into a partnership. When the harmony is done they go back to the sacred heart - their home, to be transformed and healed together.

2. Cleaning of Chakras.

There are seven basic energy points in the body that relate to different organs in the body. Every chakra has a colour and a higher vibration or energy to bring well being and harmony in the body, but when they get blocked they can manifest as illness of negative emotions.

Tita will connect with these energy centres and will see if there are any blockages on those energies and will restore them into balance (note this heart healing is a participation of Tita and the person: she will lead but at some point the participation of the client is required). The first session is usually done in one and half hours but the connection with the heart can take longer depending on the individual (the first session in some cases can take two hours). On the completion of the two sessions, Tita will give you, through channelling, your unique mantra (sacred word) to connect every time when you need it through this journey of your life. 


£280 (or it can be paid in two parts at £140 per session)

This gentle and powerful healing of the heart can be done in person 1 - 1
or remotely at a distance via Skype in your own home / space

 Tita recommends that you leave one or two weeks before the next session starts for the body and mind to process the healing.