What is Emotional Healing?

Have you ever experienced a strong reaction to a situation or person, which later you thought was not that important? feeling stuck and not having a sense of how to get free? struggling with your life in regards to the same issues again? or not feeling well physically, mentally or emotionally? Struggling affects your physical body which affects your neurotransmitters and hormones, in return possibly causing muscular tension throughout the body, and changing the tone of your internal organs, specially in the digestive system tract with contains billions of neurones.


Most of our struggles in life are deep rooted from childhood. They can be traumas, emotional wounds, conditioned beliefs, mental and physical abuse or past life incarnations that were left unresolved which creates a fragmented personality. Sometimes people that have experienced pain and traumas can become dissociated from their body and people, as a self coping mechanism.

How is it done?

This healing approach is very similar to ‘focusing’ discovered by Eugene Gendlin, a psychotherapist and philosopher. This emotional healing is gentle but profound. It is a process about listening and connecting to our subtle inner feelings. It is done through the sense feeling (not through the mind), engaging with emotions that are stuck in part of the body which produces negative emotions as anger, low self esteem, self criticism, blame, guilt, fear, unworthiness, depression, victimhood, resentment and illnesses in the body. When we connect with these feelings we allow these emotions to have a voice, to express how they feel, to tell us what had happened, then the problem starts to shift on its own accord in a new direction of wellness in the mind and body.

To connect with the body, first we create a safe platform for the feelings in the body to speak. We connect in the same way you communicate with a new friend in trouble, we let the body know that we are here to listen and we remain present with love and empathy, with understanding, space, respect and patience. We approach the body gently to trust and open up, with no rushing, judgement, analysing or trying to find a solution, as these feelings just need to be heard. If you don’t feel, you can’t be much of a friend, which is also fine as you will be able to connect step by step. 

The person will not be in a trance or hypnotised, this is an active interaction of myself and the individual, in which I will lead you to access this process.

The relationship with your partner

It can help to heal the emotional connection between partners, addressing current wounds and their impact which can cause conflicts and breaks ups. It will enable partners to understand each other, to express freely their emotional needs and create a good foundation for the future. Mostly relationships break up because of emotional pain and they get back together too soon without resolving the issues that got them to the separation in the first place. Then starts a circle of finishing and coming back, which can be very exhausting because the unresolved issues are still there, plus leaves them with feelings of rejection, unworthiness, sadness, anger, grief, resentment or let it go.


The problem with these unresolved issues is that they will attract unconsciously the same sort of partner, and the same pattern repeats again. These wounds can be very damaging for your physical and emotional being which can lead to depression and the lost of trust in yourself and your partner as well as bringing obsession, jealously, control, suffocation, lack of confidence, insecurities, lack of sleep, and digestive problems.

This year many relationships are breaking up because they feel they are not happy and some find it difficult to separate because they fear loneliness and financial security or they are not sure if it is the right action to take specially when children are involved.

This emotional healing will help to heal those old issues for the relationship to flourish or will clear your mind to take positive action if you find yourself in a toxic and abusive relationship.

Grief / the loss of a loved one

When we loose someone through death / or someone we loved, it brings feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, isolation, confusion or numbness. Sometimes people have to look after someone with terminal illness and put their feelings on hold because they need to be strong and support the person that is in pain or they have experienced a sudden death which can be traumatic.

I noticed with many clients, that their mind accepts the death but their emotional body doesn’t and cant let go, which brings so many negative feelings. By connecting with these emotional feelings stuck in their body, they can finally release and let go, to get into balance again.

This emotional healing can also help with mental or physical abuse, low self esteem, trust issues, fears, phobias, self worth, neediness, inferiority, needing approval, difficulty to choose a career or changing jobs, plus all sorts of addictions.

The Process

This emotional healing is a process that involves sensing inwardly into the body which will in return help the senses you are currently feeling open up, revealing important information to be released and shifted.

We are used to associating intelligence with the brain but we dismiss or we are not aware that there is a larger intelligence inside you, an intelligence that is body-based and can sense what needs your attention, that you can trust and follow. 

This emotional Healing is different from spiritual healing (which gives you an uplift from emotions and mind). This healing is for people that want to explore deeper into the healing of their body, specifically emotions.

Different stages of emotional healing

Stage one

We feel physical and emotional pain. We might develop a chronic illness. We know something is wrong, and there is no ‘way out’. We feel helplessness or despair and we try to work out what is the cause, we might think is genetic or related to past injuries. Our suffering could come as a physical disease, unresolved child issues, sexual, mental or physical abuse, repression or guilt, or finding difficulty of letting go of a loved one dying. We look for counselling or doctors. We notice there are parts of ourselves that need healing. In order to heal we need to feel the pain.

Stage two

Feeling stuck. We want to move on but we can’t. The mind rationalises and says ‘you need to move on’ and although the mind may say yes, the body pain feels it can’t. They tried everything to move on but eventually come back to the same place. You realise that there is an old pattern to these feelings. We may need body work energy or deep tissue massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, acupressure or deep spiritual healing. Any of these practises will help to remove frozen nerve energy and be ready for emotional healing release. We accept we are ‘stuck’.

Stage three

You feel ‘I wont take this anymore’ I deserve better. We take action to reject our symptoms and pain. We might finish a relationship, leave a job, sell a house, move to another city or country, go on a diet, look for new things to do, or to learn about spiritualism to distract ourselves from the pain. At this stage, we may feel irritable, anxious, have bouts of anger. We are aware of being stuck, but we haven’t yet removed enough interference in our body’s nervous system and patterns which in return let us reclaim our own power. We still feel powerless because we haven’t yet made a full commitment to ‘I deserve better than this’. We know we have to change but we don’t know what to do. At this stage self respect starts to emerge.

Stage four

We need to connect and accept our fears, pain, illusions / delusions. If we don’t acknowledge our shadow self, our fragmented parts, they will produce suffering. In western culture we are advised to take drugs, have counselling and psychoanalysis. For wellbeing we need to heal emotionally, we must look and find what is behind our emotional and physical chaos. We need to go back to the roots that had cause this stagnation in our body and mind, and release them layer after layer. At this point we start emotional healing therapy.

Stage five

This is a transitional stage. We start to connect with the body’s inner energy to discharge trapped memories, old emotions, deep rooted beliefs and patterns. Our mind cooperates and becomes more flexible. The emotional release will happen in its own timing, the body’s innate intelligence will do it in it’s own accordance. We also will need to modify our lifestyle, eating well, sleep well, exercise, such as body movement or dancing / yoga / meditation. 

Stage six

Resolution. All this emotional build up may bring involuntary release such as crying, bout of sadness, feeling sick, laughing lots, tiredness, a fever or a cold. Any of these symptoms may arise due the discharge of blocked emotions and trapped energy, but it is only temporary, just like waves, they could last one or two days, 1 hour, or sometimes just minutes. All this means your body is releasing and adjusting accordingly. At this stage we need to trust.

Stage seven

After stage six, there is a feeling of emptiness, calm, and lightness. A feeling of new possibilities. We have released most of our armour and distractions, and as a result, we might feel lonely but in our empty space we can start opening up to new possibilities and new connections. Old traumas will continue to transform. We realise that physical sensations are just thoughts from the past. We feel and know that there is a power within us that can change our life. We feel more energetic, warm, light, vitality and much love for ourselves and others. We start experiencing wholeness, stability, strength, and balance in our life. We feel inspired, our wisdom and intuition start opening, we find our creativity and purpose. We get a new expanded sense of self. We are filled with love, and goodness. We see the world with different eyes. We maintain communication with our wounds in a loving manner. We perform our tasks with joy and we share our gifts and wisdom that we have gained through our healing journey with others. We are open to give and receive, we attract people and events with positive energy. The body intelligence and mind mind intelligence become one and go together in unity.

How many sessions?

Some individuals will require just one session, where as others may require more than one depending of how much needs to be healed throughout their body.

I have noticed in many people from all over the world, from different backgrounds and genders, are asking for this emotional healing, which is great because it shows they are opening up to their body, wisdom and intuition. They know that there is something in them that is stuck and want to set themselves free.

This emotional healing can be done face to face in person or via Skype / WhatsApp / FaceTime with video connecting us visually and audibly. I will recommend to have first, a clairvoyant or psychic reading to see the real picture of what is happening in their present life and from there to have several sessions of emotional healing should you feel it’s needed.