Clairvoyance by Tita Martell

Very accurate insights and guidance from a Peruvian Clairvoyant with an amazing ability for seeing into the future through her gifted inner-vision. Tita will help you to gain a clear understanding of why you are in any situation at this moment in your life. She will help you discover what you can do to break away from blockages that stop you living a happy life and see your inner potential. Tita will help when you find yourself at a crossroad and don't know which road to take.

Love Life

To understand the behaviour of your partner, his or her feelings (as Tita can easily go into their inner-field and find out what are they feeling towards yourself) She can also see if their is any future together or if is time to move on, plus give you tools to make the relationship healthier.

Career - Job - Business

Are you in the right job? is it the right time to start a new business? and what sort of business? Tita will help you to find your whole potential and get in touch with your creativity.


Emotional issues that are effecting your psychical and mental state. She will see the inner-field of your body to find out if there is any in-balance or disease in your psychical body or which may be starting to show up, to prevent it from going further and be healed, and if it is necessary she will advise you to see your doctor or alternative therapist.


Tita will help you with your financial worries and will help you bring abundance into your life. In general, she will help you to see what is on the other side of the bridge and cross it when you are ready (and make you realise that it was only fear that was stopping you).

Although Tita uses cards she wouldn't call herself a tarot reader.
Cards give her a bit more of structure in regards to what she is seeing clairvoyantly.
Most of the time Tita is not looking at the cards she is looking beyond them at images that will come up in front of her as if looking at a film. She will see the symbols of any card and the interpretation will be unique for every person.

It is a combination of seeing pictures, symbols, hearing, and channelling. she goes into an altered state of consciousness, the field of pure energy, where there is no time or space / where she can access information from past, present and future.
Tita does not need cards to see but uses them to control how much data is coming and to assess how much an individual can take at that moment as it is a big responsibility where the objective is to help the person and not to make it worse if the person is very vulnerable at that time in their life. Before she starts a reading she asks for a divine guidance as she is a channeller and will connect with higher beings and higher vibrations of love and wisdom. (Just to point out Tita is a medium as well which enables her to communicate with the non physical world if the client feels the need to communicate with their loved ones and see that they are fine and happy and/or whether they want to pass on any message.)

Private Reading (in person)

£75 (one hour) / £50 (half an hour)

Telephone Reading (via landline or Skype)

£83 (one hour) £63 (half an hour)