A psychic reading for your child

Psychic readings to children from new born to 16 years old.

Would you like to know and help your children with their full potential as well as the innate gifts they were born with? Children have a flow of creativity but often do not know how to channel it and express it. Knowing your child's personality, character, behaviour, weaknesses, and flaws will give you a better understanding to guide and nurture your child's capacity / strengths. Discipline with doses of parental love will enforce virtues.

Many parents are committed to making their child live their own dreams, but doing so, parents are banishing any possibilities of making their child's own dreams come true. What might happen, is that the child or teenager will have a back-up plan in their mind, in case that ambitious life plan to fit their parents dream does not pan out. The thinking will be ‘if it does not work, I will just go and do something else’. This encourages a pattern of ‘finding my passion’, instilling a non-commitment to the task at hand because passion was not found. Knowing your child's potential can help him / her to be creative instead of fitting into society’s norms.

Now, as humanity continues to evolve, the latest generation of children have unique qualities, and are coming with specific characteristics that have their own purpose, to help the planet evolve spiritually by moving from the old energy of fear (greed, corruption, competition, and stress) into the new energy of love (integrity, manifestation, and cooperation). Some of these children and young adults are called Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children. These star children and young adults have come into the world with a purpose to prove that rigid, archaic systems of education, government, parenting and health care do not work. Another system that is being challenged by these children, is the medical system, which has been misdiagnosing thousands of children with ADD/ADHD and medicating them.

ReadingsThe reason for determining whether your child has the traits of these star children is to help you to understand that these characteristics have a spiritually- based origin; it may give them the tools to help them and yourself with the challenges as well with their gifts. Some of these children have telepathic abilities and can be very sensitive to other people energies and tend to withdraw away from other children as they can see deception and lies. Others can be very strong-headed and unruly, and they wont conform, leading to them feeling very frustrated when they are not understood.

When children are nurtured in a way that suits them, they will recall the gifts and abilities they brought with them.


The parent and child do not need to be present for these readings.
It will be a audio recording / recorded digitally and sent to you via email.

A picture, name, and date of birth will be required (plus the address of the parent).
If the picture is sent by email, it will be deleted after the reading (or returned if was sent by post).

This intuitive reading will be a wonderful gift for grandparents, family, and parents to keep as guidance for the children.
If a child is encouraged and nurture in the right way, they will grow into loving healthy adults.


£90.00 (audio recording sent via email)

(payment can be made via paypal)