To see the future of your business.

Tita Martell has helped many business clients and entrepreneurs by given them insights, clarity, confidence, and direction with their business enterprise or corporate decisions. At the present, Tita is helping coaches and mentors, giving them insights for progressive personal development, self clarity, and awareness. Identifying fundamental and core issues toward their businesses (as their clients say, we all need a ‘Psychic Coach’ even if we are coaches or mentors).



Areas Tita can help with

Guidance on business decisions.
Choosing the right premises and location, or country.
Personal and professional up comings, or current obstacles and challenges.
Affirmation of your purchases and other investments
What sort of team you should choose for better team collaboration.
When is the right time to do your own business or the next one, and the probability of success.
What changes may be needed to achieve more productivity.
When hiring people, which individuals will be the ones that will work effectively with you, to avoid problems and difficulties at a later time in the company.

Tita will work intuitively with ideas for new businesses and locations in their own country or globally, and whether the individual could be affected from the economy of their own country or globally.

Most of all, Tita will help you to find the job you are meant to do, to be fulfilled and find your passion. If you love what you are doing and are heading in the right direction, money will easily flow. These business insights typically take one hour and a half to two hours, depending on the clients needs. You can choose a private session one to one, or a session via Skype. At the moment, Tita is already working with clients from America, Greece, Dubai, and Spain. She has taken part in a TV documentary called ‘Clairvoyance in Business’.


All of Tita’s sessions are confidential and privacy is respected to the utmost.