About Me

Since a very early age I can remember being able to see the course and purpose of people’s lives with a sixth sense. As it has always been with me, I have never questioned this extraordinary ability, and I am comfortable with it as it is simply natural. This gift was noticed by my family because since I was a child, I could easily read people’s minds and predict events in the future with an amazing accuracy. My family accepted it and I was nurtured with my gift of clairvoyance. My father was a successful business man who also made studies in parapsychology and esotericism. My auntie was a well known clairvoyant as well as being a trans-medium and a healer and has written several books on that matter.

From an early age, I was encouraged to get involved with the development of my gift. I was allowed to come to my auntie’s society of paranormal activities as an observer. They helped me to nurture me skills and learn about astral travelling, to see past lives, different forms of healing, self-induced OBE (out of body experience), to read the energy field of a human body, mind control and meditation. Through this metaphysical and esoteric society I witnessed trans-mediumship, shamanism and outstanding healings of the physical body. As well as being tested for ESP (extrasensory perception) I had passed the 3 faculties: Clairvoyance (clear seeing) Clairsense (clear sense) and Clairaudience (Hearing words) plus getting in touch with my inner wisdom and channelling fields of consciousness. I remain very grateful to this society that helped me to nurture, learn and expand abilities for my psychic and spiritual development and growth.

I had attended many seminars and workshops in intuitive and cellular healing, colour therapy, aura reading, visualization, reflexology, palmistry, feng shui, remote and influencing viewing with Gerald O’Neil and have qualifications as a healer, past life regression and Mind Silva Control. I still continue my metaphysical studies with a well know esoteric society.

I believe that I have been given this innate ability in order to help others. Every person has, innately, the intuition to follow the guidance of their true self to make choices about their life. However, the beliefs they hold about themselves and the world get misshapen by their past environment and other people. This – and the resulting fear- cause individuals to loose their way. Confusion, doubt and turmoil can arise and the person gets stuck. I, with my gift and insight, can enable them to sort out, understand their situation and move on with inner calm and stability. To this end, whatever event or situation you might be experiencing in your life at the moment, I will be able to tell you why it is happening and what steps you need to take in order to achieve a happier life.

My aim is to empower you: my clairvoyant skills will be very helpful in supporting you to make the most beneficial decisions for greater happiness in life. However, I also believe in free will – I can give you the tools and discuss possible options; but it’s up to you to do something about it and retain responsibility for your actions. Ultimately, I intend for you to get in touch with your inner power.

I would like to note that the future is not predetermined, there are probable futures created by your thoughts, desires, emotions in your field of consciousness and depending of what road you take it will take you to one of those futures. Everything happens in the NOW, from the now you could altered those futures and outcomes. I will tap on your past to be healed, will tell you where you are now, your probable futures and guide you to which ones are the most favourable for happiness and expansion, but ultimately the choice is always yours.

Love, Tita.


Tita Martell