The Universe

A journey of Tita’s self discovery

Welcome to my first Psychic release!

I would like to share with you some of my psychic awareness from an early age.

Since the early age of 7 years old I heard the name of God mentioned several times through my family and their friends, I do not  know if that ignited my curiosity or whether I always felt a curiosity about it. I also remember that I liked to observe people and see their tribulations and reactions through circumstances. As a child I was very detached and quite observant of my own emotions and others, I always felt free to be myself and speak my truth regardless of what other people think, and felt people
were not free themselves.

I had two big episodes that fuel my desire to know who is God; my friend’s father had a stroke, he was 35 years old and my neighbours father lost his two legs through a freak accident, he was young too and both incidents caused a lot of pain in their family. They both had a happy life, and a young and wealthy family. I wanted to understand why this had happened, which drew me to having a deep desire to know the meaning of life. I had my first flash of insight at that moment, the information came straight away to me, I can’t remember exactly all the insight I was given but what stuck with me were the words ‘evolution of the soul‘.

My curiosity grew stronger as months passed, with questions on my mind being: what is a soul, the meaning of life and who is God.  I knew I had to find out, and the best place to go to would be the beach. I always had an immense connection to the sea, I used to go there and reflect as it was so easy to access as it was just 2 minutes from home. I want to share with you my first connection with the creator, infinite intelligence, and consciousness.

I sat on the beautiful white sand and contemplated the immensity of the ocean, I observed the birds flying peaceful, felt the wind, the sounds of the waves, the warmth of the sun, felt the power of water, the vastness of the ocean. I looked at the sky so blue with beautiful clouds, everything was so harmonious, and so peaceful. It was an amazing feeling inside of me and outside, I felt one,  no separation, my best way to describe it is that I was all that and that was all me, it is difficult to describe with words as it is a magnificent and very powerful feeling of connection of awe.

Immediately I felt a bolt of a huge energy coming straight into my heart and felt the ecstasy of love in every cell of my body. The creator and me were one,  inside of me and outside of me simultaneously, the experience was overwhelming. I was the sea, the sun, the air, the earth, the sky, the universe, the people, the animals, just oneness connected to the essence of love which is God. I had my answer.

My second vision of self discovery.

I was 10 years old while sitting in my bedroom chair in a meditative state. I always knew when I was going to receive a psychic message or insight, all I needed was to keep still with no noise and find a space. I saw a vision of myself (when I see a vision, it is like watching a movie in front of me, so clear, so real, my eyes remain open, I just go to a place that is empty, with no time (I call it consciousness). I saw a beam of light coming to earth and incarnating into a being I knew was me, and I was a man. Immediately the vision changed into myself being in this unusual place, the buildings or architecture were made of huge clear crystals, everything looked so perfectly designed and had a sort of natural source of energy to produce light. There were 15 to 20 people around me, we were all dressed up in white tunics. I felt I was part of this group and we had a mission, a plan to create a perfect world, the communication was done by telepathy, it was peaceful and clear. I was absorbing the energy and suddenly I felt sad, like something went wrong. I heard disagreements, some of the group wanted something different, the plan did not go ahead. The next thing I saw myself as an old man exiling into a distant island and the feeling of sadness and disappointment of humankind, I saw people coming to this island and trying to convince me to go back to that place but my answer was always no. I could never forget that vision, it was so clear.

I studied past life regression later on and part of  the curriculum was to regress other people and experience regression done on myself by my teacher and other regressionists, the same vision came back again, I felt it was an unfinished business that needed it to be healed. In this past life regression therapy I understood that some of our group were not ready, and it was a choice they made through free will. I learnt to forgive myself for the not understanding of their free will plus the attachment I had to the plan,  which caused feelings of sadness, disappointment on humankind, failure and judgement. Also I understood that was a divine plan, not my plan and was perfectly orchestrated.

My third vision of self discovery.

I found myself in a place that was very bright, with lots of light. The first thing that came to my mind was how this place had so much illumination while I could not see any lamp posts or artificial lights. The next thing I saw was some men that looked like monks with long brown clothes. I was wearing the same garment and I had the intuitive feeling they were waiting for me. They  asked me to sit down on a golden bench and just wait. Next I saw a man with a light blue garment or tunic coming towards my direction and he sat beside me. We sat down there with no oral communication, I just felt I love this man very much, he was transmitting a feeling of love to me without even looking at me. It was just his vibration or energy. I stayed with that feeling, but I do not know for how long. The views were outstanding with colours that I never thought existed, flowers so beautiful and the sounds that this place was emitting were like an incredible symphony in rhythm with the place, and those tunes I never heard before on this earth. I know that it must sound all very odd to read this but that was my true experience, I have got a very rational mind as well as being psychic. I am a very grounded person and have a lot of discernment.

Next I noticed this man was showing me to look at what it seems like a figure but was not very clear to my vision, it had too much light and was too powerful for me to look at. It was like looking directly into the sun. After that vision he gave me something that looked like a white large clear crystal, which was very bright. I could not understand why he was giving me that beautiful item that had felt like a gift. Telepathically he said it was the right time to have it and that I had to go back to earth, of which I did not want to go back. My desire was to stay there forever, I thought that was my home and the love of this place was so amazing, why would I want to leave it? I was so reluctant to go but I knew I had to leave, to not resist it, and to accept and trust.

Healing, messages, visions.

Through all my life, I had so many experiences of consciousness, visions, self discoveries, messages, spiritual and specialized healing. The information that comes is so expansive and never ending. Some of these insights I found later in the books of well known spiritual mentors and that is a confirmation for me of an an universal truth.

With some customers that are ready and open for expansion of consciousness I pass this information through channelling, I do not decide who is open or is not, is just happens.

I am so grateful and feel very honoured to have this inner gift of Clairvoyance and Healing which enables me to help people through many circumstances, as well as the limitations and conditions of mind, to free their mind of fear, while there is only fear of change. Loss and unknown stops a human being from being able to move on and they usually get stuck in the experience and drama.

My aim is to empower people to reconnect with themselves through self-love and show them how the
power of their thoughts are creating every moment in their life. As my motto is, before you know everyone know yourself,  before you understand anyone understand yourself, before you love anyone love yourself, everything starts from one’s self.

In my next blog I will talk  about so many other topics which I hope you will find interesting.

All my love, Tita.